The new uni building blocks out all cellphone signal and nobody knows how to access the student wifi. gg.

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    Second year of university starts tomorrow. Time to fix my broken beyond repair sleep schedule

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      What if sperm cells were the size of tadpoles and you could feel them wiggle around inside your balls

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        From the fact that ghosts only seem to haunt enclosed dark spaces, you could almost think that they are hiding from something even more terrifying.

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            It’s a pretty nice day today.

            It’s a pretty nice day today.

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              ↳ Support Stedilnik creating silly dirty anthro Art


              Well, here it is, my patreon. 

              Goals are a bit modest right now, but hopefully if it goes well, i will add more stuff later. 

              Updated the rewards and goals a bit.

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                Fun at the beach :3

                Fun at the beach :3

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                  spiritcookie confirmed for having a goth phase

                  spiritcookie confirmed for having a goth phase

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                    *cop gently sniffs and then lightly licks the used pad with the tip of his tongue*

                    "brunette, medium build, age - late thirties. Pale green eyes, matches description of suspect fleeing from scene. We are on the right track"

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