What if half the people you pass on the street are actually ghosts that can only be seen by you

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    I have a mighty need for a maska type helmet

    they are expensive as hell though ; w;


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        So if a nuclear event happened where you live, i'd suspect i'd find you in the metro surronded by donks aye?

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        I haven`t played five nights at freddy`s yet, but judging from what i`ve seen on tumblr, im pretty sure this is what the gameplay is like.

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          to truly defeat a skeleton, you have to ground them up into fine powder and snort them like cocaine.

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            surviving SCP containment breach would be easy if you just blink one eye at a time. 

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              the 4 phases of drawing:

              1. Sketch phase
              2. Inking phase
              3. Coloring phase
              4. "Fuck it just draw on whichever layer happens to be on top" phase
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                ask-wbm said: srsly, I know no one else that talks about periods this freaking often. Are you a girl Sted?

                Nah m8, im jus bein` a bleedin` cunt

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                  If you tape pads and tampons to your bicycle, you get a menstrual cycle.

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                    The day I decided that I want to actually draw something instead of just shitposting, the fucking internet is down and I cant upload shit.

                    Shitposting it is

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